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A Growing Home Solutions Company

Betterware de Mexico is the leading Direct-to-Consumer company in Mexico focused on creating innovative products that solve specific needs regarding organization, practicality, space-saving and hygiene within the household.

Differentiated Business Model that drives our growth

Differentiated Business Model that drives our growth

Supported by our top-notch Product Innovation, Business Intelligence and Technology units, which provide daily monitoring of key metrics and product intelligence, we have been able to achieve sustainable double-digit growth rates. Our market penetration is driven by our network of almost 66,400 distributors and 1,250,000 associates.

Safe and Punctual Deliveries

Safe and Punctual Deliveries

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure allows us to safely deliver products to every part of the country in a timely manner. Our infrastructure is backed by the strategic location of our distribution center in Jalisco, Mexico.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


To create opportunities for those who can and want to seize them.


Harmony at home: we want to bring harmony to every Mexican household through our product portfolio that provides whole-home practical solutions, as well as give thousands of people the opportunity to generate income.


Positive Attitude

We forge the path towards meeting objectives while spreading optimism across our network.


We’re driven by transparency and loyal to our environment.


We go beyond the limits set within our standard goals; we make things happen.


We recognize everyone’s worth, including our own, by treating everyone with dignity, while also promoting diversity of opinion.

Our Competitive Strengths

We offer a unique and broad range of products for every corner of the household.

Our in-house business intelligence unit has the best-in-class technology tools, which are essential for the operations and strategy of our company. It highlights product analysis to track performance and instant market reactions, as well as identifies markets that fit our business model.

We have a unique two-tier model and one of the most robust networks, with 66,400 distributors and 1,250,000 associates, serving more than a million households every six weeks in 850 populations across Mexico. We have an attractive and unmatched reward program for our distributors and associates.

Our products are manufactured by third-party factories certified under our quality standards.

Our pricing strategy is focused on delivering attractive financial value for customers, maximizing revenue and margins.

Our management team is well seasoned in the direct-to-consumer sector and has a strong track record of delivering value to our shareholders while maintaining a commitment to excellence. Our corporate culture is based on results, solutions, delivery, discipline and commitment, resulting in a highly professional business with no bureaucracy.

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Growth Strategies

We have a clear and executable plan for growth, which includes organic and inorganic initiatives. Our main strategies are divided into near- and medium-term timelines:

Near Term

1. Higher Market Penetration

We deployed several strategies to expand our reach and market penetration.

2. Product Innovation

We keep track of our top-selling products to improve our innovation and product development process.

3. State-of-the-art Technology

We invest in new technologies to automate order allocation processes, as well as our distribution.

4. Quality and Service

We use a Six Sigma certification process to ensure top product quality, in addition to the construction of a new headquarters campus to increase service capacity.

Medium Term

1. New Product Line

We will expand our product line within the home solutions segment at accessible prices while complementing existing products.

2. International Expansion

We will target markets similar to Mexico in Central America, Colombia and Peru.

3. Strategic Acquisitions

We are considering targeting potential companies that can efficiently be consolidated under our business model.

Business Model

Our distributors are the link between our company and our associates. Both distributors and associates are incentivized by product discounts and earning Betteware Points.

Beterware Business Model

Products and Innovation

The average size home within our target demographics has been on a decreasing trend. Therefore, we offer a unique and innovative product line within our home solutions segment that focuses on providing daily solutions for modern spaces.

Our product portfolio is comprised of six different categories:

  • Kitchen
  • Home
  • Commuting
  • Laundry and cleaning
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom

We are constantly innovating our products, launching around 300 new products every year, through catalogs of approximately 400 items, prepared through an extensive customer data analysis, with the objective of driving repeat purchases.

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