Sustainability Strategic Model

During 2022, we developed a comprehensive “Materiality Assessment” that involved all our stakeholders and followed recognized international standards (GRI and SASB). In this assessment, we analyzed information from our employees, distributors, associates, leaders, consultants, clients, suppliers, community, and investors. This broad focus on our stakeholders gave us a specific materiality matrix that was used to prioritize the key subjects for the Group. Once we had all the material issues identified, we were able to recognize specific SDGs that we will focus on with our sustainability strategy.

On 2023 we incorporated to the group a sustainability direction that will take the lead on designing the specific KPI´s and objectives that make sense to our business and our stakeholders. This renewed strategy will launch in 2024. However, we have continuously developed and implemented initiatives that create a positive impact on our environment and our community. Some of those sustainable actions are:

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Betterware Campus-

In 2021 we issued a Sustainable Bond of Ps. 1,500 million. Part of the financing obtained with this bond was destined for the construction of the Betterware Campus. To reduce our environmental footprint, the campus was designed and built to be ecofriendly and efficient: 

  • Approximately, 90% of the materials used for construction were recyclable (glass and aluminum).
  • Insulating materials protect the building from excessive heat and thus reduces the need for air conditioning.
  • Natural illumination design.
  • Installation of LED lighting throughout the Campus.
  • Natural ventilation systems.
  • Designated space for future solar panel placement.
  • Water saving technologies in restrooms.
  • Wastewater treatment plant.
  • Rainwater collector.
  • Installation of drip irrigation systems to take care of the local vegetation.
  • Incorporated local flora species harvesting more than 15,000 new plants and trees on the outdoor recreation areas.

Carpooling and Transportation-

Around 55% of our employees use the transport service provided by BWM and another 2% carpool and are provided incentives on gas and preferred parking.

“B Better” products-

We are constantly innovating and designing products that are eco-friendly and that promote eliminating single-use plastic. 

Reduce and Recycle-

All our cardboard boxes are ecofriendly and certified by FSC and Monarca which means that their composition is from 100% recycled materials and from closely monitored sustainable processes. Additionally, we have a cardboard compactor that allows us to sell and recycle remaining boxes.

Our catalog´s printer is also certified with PEFC which means that the paper used for printing comes from sustainable forests.


We believe that environmental conscience and education is fundamental to ignite the changes we want to see in our conservation efforts. Thus, we constantly communicate climate-change related news and information. Also, we organize reforestation activities and nature-related field trips with employees and their families.


Our mission is to create income opportunities for those who can and want to seize them. Through our business model, we promote women's financial independence, and Gender Equality.

In a culture and an economy like Mexico´s it is crucial to understand how important these opportunities have become for women, minorities, and underserved communities. In a country that struggles with social challenges like violence against women, single parenting, and complex mobility issues, bringing these kinds of opportunities for women (mostly) is a life changing opportunity. BWM provides them with a platform that allows them to grow and become (in many cases) economically independent.

We provide different personal and professional development opportunities through our “Betterware experts” platform. With this tool our sales force can learn how to successfully develop their business. We instruct them in abilities such as engaging with clients, finalizing sales presentations, recruiting additional associates, and overall, enhancing their efficiency and productivity.


On December 14, 2021, Betterware received a Fitwell certification for the “Campus Betterware” project.

We provide a safe work environment that promotes the wellbeing of all our employees offering a wide array of amenities such as nutritionist and well-balanced meals in our cafeteria (subsidized), gym, personal trainers, soccer and basketball courts, meditation gardens, medical services, beauty parlor, and wash and fold service. 

Moreover, our Campus includes a daycare center, providing parents with the peace of mind that their children are being cared for in top-notch facilities while they work.

We pay special attention to the emotional and mental health of our people. Thus, we offer a free online platform with therapists and life coaches that employees and their families can access 24/7. 

We listen to our employees. Every year we conduct a Workplace Climate Survey that helps us understand how employees feel and live the company´s culture. We analyze the results and put action plans in place to respond to organizational, digital, physical, and interpersonal elements that we determine need to be reinforced or developed to improve our employee work experience.

We promote gender equality with a balanced composition of our workforce. We have 47% women and 53% male employees, and the compensation gap is less than 1%. We also provide equal opportunities for growth and promotions.

Strengthening Our Communities Through the Betterware Foundation


Fundacion Betterware is created in 2018 as part of Betterware’s commitment to have a positive impact on Mexican communities.

We promote two fundamental human values, respect and honesty, in order for more people to make these values part of their lives, resulting in personal and collective behaviors that have a positive impact in their communities.


How we do it?

Strategic Alliances: 

We stablish strategic alliances with specialized organizations to implement projects that promote values on an innovative way with high social impact. Some of our allies include “Iniciativas para compartir”, “Consejo de la Comunicación”, “Fundacion Lorena Ochoa” and “Proyecto Cantera.

Values network

This is a permanent program that motivates people to participate in social projects that promote value on their communities through a co-investment scheme. The goal is for them to be responsible to implement these programs and generate a positive social impact.

Education on Values

This is an education model developed by Human Values Foundation directed to primary school students that promotes and encourages a culture of values trough a constructive education model for kids, teachers, and parents.


As a Mexican company listed on the Nasdaq, we are subject to the Nasdaq Corporate Governance Listing Standards. However, Nasdaq rules allows a foreign private issuer like BWM to follow the corporate governance practices of its home country.

Regarding the composition of our board, in 2023 we added two female Independent Board Members in line with our commitment to include more women to our Board of Directors by 2025.

We promote and encourage full and effective participation of women and equal leadership opportunities at all decision-making levels. Women occupy key positions within the company, including chief financial officer, quality and development director, international commercial director, national sales director, and an ESG and nonprofit organization director. Also, we recently added 24 female regional directors to our country´s salesforce.  

Code of Ethics and Conduct-

We are currently working on the revision of our code of ethics. We have a code of conduct that addresses anti-discrimination practices, promotes diversity and equality and protection of all human rights.