The Company built its mission around a clear and sustainable social commitment: to create opportunities for those who can and want to seize them.

The Company is working on a strategy to comply with the highest international standards in sustainability. 

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  • Campus Betterware: New national distribution center and headquarters built to promote care for the environment and the individual well-being of the Company's collaborators
  • Eco-friendly products and packaging
  • All our catalogues are printed in paper from sustainable forests


  • Our mission is to create income opportunities for those who can and want to seize them
  • Through our business model, we promote women's financial independence and Gender Equality
  • We care about the well-being of every collaborator providing income and growth opportunities within the Company


As a Mexican company listed on the Nasdaq, we are subject to the Nasdaq corporate governance listing standards. However, Nasdaq rules permit a foreign private issuer like us to follow the corporate governance practices of its home country.